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  • Creative Olympics

    Creative Olympics is a charity event based on the game Minecraft, and aims to succeed the famous MineAthon. The goal is to have several teams from different countries compete in areas such as construction, datapack, resource-pack and even on PvP (to spice up the event). Each match will be (re)broadcasted on Twitch and spectators will have the possibility to make free donations or bet on the team of their choice. At the end of the tournaments, spectators who have bet on a winning team will have a chance to win goodies provided by the event partners. All the winnings will be paid directly to the association chosen by the donor.

  • Gunibot Java

    The Gunibot is a Discord bot, initially dedicated to the Gunivers server, but now aiming to be as modular as possible. It is based on the principles of plugins for all the features, as well as on a system of master and slaves, both open-source, allowing to create clusters of independent servers with inter-server functionalities.

    • Learning program

      You want to know how to map a great map/game/event/whatever?
      You've come to the right place!

      To discuss with us, please come on our Discord server:

    • Website

      Our website is in constant évolution. You can help us to improve it by reporting bugs or making suggestions!

  • Gunivers.Lib

    Gunivers.Lib is a Minecraft Datapack designed for mapmakers who wants to create complexe systems like raycasting with collision, speed & trajectory managment, convertion between objects, complexe storage, pathfinding, entity link and many more.

  • Nazara


    The Legend of Nazara is a Minecraft MMORPG server in one of the most recent versions, currently in development. Nazara has been in existence for 2 years, and has a strong team in several areas, such as Development, Game Design and Construction. Indeed, a huge amount of work is required to complete this project, which is holding up well over the years! Each team has a very precise role within the server, allowing the best possible organization!

  • SuperMurder

    SuperMurder is a Minecraft map inspired by one of the most popular game modes of Garry's Mod: Murder. The difference is that here, each player will have specific skills, allowing to add extra depth to the gameplay and to diversify the games.


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